For Immediate Release
May 16, 2020

Contact: Randi Reed for Congress

Las Vegas, NV — Today, Randi Reed, Republican candidate for Congress, called for Horsford’s resignation in light of affair revelations.

“Nevadans deserve better representation in Washington, DC — leaders who demonstrate a commitment to good character, integrity, and the highest morals,” said Randi. “Congressman Horsford’s extramarital acts disqualify him to represent NV-04.”

She also stated, “Not only are his numerous absences and abysmal voting record a bad reflection of our state, this newly-uncovered reprehensible behavior proves he is incapable of making good decisions. Like scores of politicians before him, he to seems to have the attitude that being an elected official somehow means he’s entitled to these types of indiscretions. It’s abundantly clear that Congressman Horsford has forgotten the true meaning of public service and should resign immediately.”

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