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Nevadans know and understand that our state’s economy is unique. As a longtime active community member and someone whose small business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19, I understand the increased need that this pandemic has created for a more personal and specialized approach to policy making.

Since Nevada relies heavily on tourism and gaming for state revenues, our local economy has taken a devastating hit in the past few months. Whether you live in an urban or rural portion of the NV-04 Congressional District, the economic strain your community is currently facing will be undoubtedly compounded and prolonged due to the nature of our state’s businesses.

We need a leader and an advocate to fight for our community, not just represent it. 

With over 2 decades of business experience, I have the distinct knowledge and best ability – of any other candidate in this race – to fight for federal grants and other incentives that will draw businesses to Nevada as we work to recover from the ill effects of the shutdown.

In addition to diversifying our economic makeup by attracting businesses from manufacturing and other industries, I will work just as hard to help strengthen existing businesses.

Instead of weighing businesses down with excessive tax burdens, my business experience has given me the tools of understanding that I’ll need to help scale Nevada’s commerce in a way that supports long-term prosperity.

Nevadans can look forward to a bright future with me in your corner and with the reliable and experienced leadership I’ll take to Washington, DC  on your and your family’s behalf.