national debt

Washington, DC is not just our nation’s capital city, but it is also home to many career politicians. In my opinion, that is part of why the country faced a great many problems prior to President Trump taking office. In fact, that’s a lot of what spurred me to run for office. I do not believe that these career politicians have the best interest of our families at heart; at the same time, unelected bureaucrats seem to keep increasing in relevance and gaining more power. I will work against these things. 

I believe that public service is a calling. Members of Congress must work to restore the faith of the American taxpayer. It cannot happen while these elected officials sit in Washington getting rich off the backs of hardworking Nevadans like you and me. We must have representatives who believe in being good stewards of taxpayer money. 

I will stand up for you and your values by countering the efforts of Democrats who spend irresponsibly and stand against bloated bills that continue to make us beholden to foreign countries as we spend ourselves into oblivion. 

I’ll work hard to build and strengthen coalitions that will lower the national debt and stop from filling the deep pockets of those individuals in Washington, DC who are getting rich off of work that is improperly funded by taxpayer dollars.