Under the Trump administration, America’s opioid pandemic has received the much-needed attention it deserves. In appointing Kellyanne Conway, one of the top-most and trusted advisers in the White House, to lead the way to a solution; President Trump has made great strides in addressing this problem from a federal-level.

Unfortunately, Nevada experiences one of the highest death rates in the nation. In 2018, Nevada providers wrote 55.5 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons compared to the average U.S. rate of 51.4 prescriptions (source: National Institute on Drug Abuse).

Nevada deserves a representative who will take a real leadership role in this fight.  

I will be fully-supportive of the White House’s efforts to combat the opioid pandemic and help bring together the private and public sector to craft solutions; parallel to that, I will work to promulgate complementary efforts in this space from the Congressional-level. 

It’s time that all bad actors who’ve had a role in worsening this crisis in our state be he held accountable. I will lead this charge for us and our families; we deserve safe, strong, and healthy communities that are free of the scourge of addiction that has unjustly taken so many old and young people from their families.