Reed Family

We live in unusual times. Each morning, the vast majority of us wake up thinking about our families and our livelihoods in a different way than we ever expected to. Precious lives have been lost and not properly memorialized. Businesses have shuttered, some never to open again. And, even the sacred civic duty of exercising our right to vote will now take place by mail. To say that our lives have fundamentally changed because our leaders have failed us would be a great understatement. 

My reason for running for Congress is stronger today than it’s ever been before. Why? Because this unconventional moment in time is one that none of us saw coming, and because of that – we’ll need unconventional leadership to help get the lives of all Americans back on track. For far too long, career politicians and spend-it-all Democrats have lied to us about their preparedness to lead us through a disaster of this magnitude.

Our country and our state deserve principled leadership that’s going to apply the very same entrepreneurial skills that countless Americans have employed to help make our country great — to now finally help our President make our government one that serves red-blooded, blue-collar Americans like you and me.

Join the movement to take “The FURY” to Washington, DC this November.

You won’t regret it.

Onward & upward,


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