Reed Family

Nevada became my home 20 years ago. I moved here because I wanted to build a different life for myself and be part of a community I could be proud of. 

Shortly after getting to Las Vegas, I met my husband Tim and since then, we’ve become award-winning small business owners and most importantly, parents to the world’s best son (this one’s for you, Rush!). 

Like so many of my fellow Nevadans, I wear multiple hats. I’m also an advocate, non-profit supporter, and a member of a community that desperately deserves a voice. 

So, why am I running? Because our families deserve a representative in Washington, DC who will actually fight for us and give us more than lip service. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve had the great privilege of working on numerous landmark projects around our state, serving as an advocate for the construction industry, and working alongside some of our country’s leading developers as they accommodate unprecedented growth and forged private and public partnerships that have been of benefit to all Nevadans. 

My second job is the one where I’m blessed to work with family. Tim and I own a custom furniture manufacturing business. When we started, we were working out of our home’s garage and just four years ago, we were blessed to open a stand-alone location. 

What started as a small family business, built on quality materials and attention to detail, has grown into a trusted source for many of the top hotels and development companies in Las Vegas, across the state, nationally, and even internationally.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be living out the American Dream, and I can credit a good amount of that to being a resident of the great state of Nevada. 

Last summer, I decided it was time for me to step up and give back to the community that’s given me so much. I want ensure Nevada remains a place where my fellow Americans live out their dreams. 

Times are more than just tough right now for all of us. The novel Coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives as we once knew them. It’s been about 100 years since our nation has experienced this kind of shock; in order to recover from this, I believe that hardworking and creative entrepreneurs need to go to Washington, DC and join President Trump in plotting a course for the betterment of these United States. 

We’ll get through this time, and we’ll come out stronger as a nation. However, we won’t be able to properly rebuild if we don’t elect strong-willed and solution-oriented leaders this June 9th. 

So, why support me?

  • Nevada values are my values: Hard work, fair play, serving community, and love of country mean everything to me.
  • We need to put people back to work as soon as that’s safe and possible. In Congress, I’ll protect you and our families from the threats of even higher taxes and even more burdensome regulations that would hinder our country’s economic recovery and progress.
  • As someone who’s been living with a pre-existing condition since 2005, you can trust me to fight against socialist, “Medicare for All” policies that would forever change our innovative, competitive healthcare system and put it at at great risk to rail from recovering from the great toll of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • An increasing number of Americans have seen there’s a rising tide of anti-Semitism in our nation; as a lifelong member of the Jewish faith, I know the ill effects of that — both socially and politically. I’ll lead the charge to combat that hate and I’ll also work hand-in-hand with members of other faiths to make sure we preserve American freedom to worship 
  • The counterproductive game of political theater in Congress has hurt real people like us for far too long. We need servant leaders who will get things done — you can count on me to be that tireless, forward-thinking, and productive leader for us.

From my family to yours, I wish you good health and safety during this surreal time in our nation’s history. 

If I can ever be of help to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Onwards & upwards,