A few days ago, the Nevada Independent reported that my opponent Lisa Song Sutton has never voted during her 10 years of living in Nevada. Fox5 also covered this startling revelation. 

Now, does this make sense to you? Lisa campaigns on how much she supports President Trump, but did not cast a vote for him. Not only did Lisa not bother to vote for our President, she did not vote for any government leaders in Nevada but expects us to believe that she would be a good elected leader for Nevada and at the highest-level of government at that. It sounds to me like Lisa Song Sutton woke up one day and decided that adding the title of Congresswoman would be a good idea since — much like how a winner gets crowned at a beauty pageant, in some ways she’d just have to show and be the shiniest one in the competition; in other words, all style and no substance. What’s rather comical is that despite the numerous appearances and modern-day influencer behavior Lisa seems to be comfortable showing odd, she never properly mentions her title for Miss Nevada at any point — which would be “Miss Nevada United States” since she won in the Miss United States pageant system which is unlike the 2 major pageant systems in the country and does not air on major cable networks nor used to belong to President Trump when he was a private citizen. What’s even more disingenuous is the manner in which she flaunts her supposedly vast number of community appearances and purportedly being very involved in the Las Vegas community; however, she never discloses that all of those public appearances were part of the duties required of almost any pageant titleholder.

Any which way you look at it, it appears to the layperson that Lisa’s penchant for covering up things goes well beyond her lack of a voting record. 

So, we should be left wondering: why is this woman pursuing public office when she hasn’t even taken the time in TEN years to perform her civic duty — which is the sacred exercise of voting, a civil liberty that generations of Americans have fought for and died for us to have?! 

The audacity. The deception. Lisa’s coverup falls along the same lines of atrocious behavior countless politicians have been known for.

Given her lack of a Nevadan voter record and her questionable “modeling” photographs on the internet (that I’d be shocked for my young son to find in a simple Google search), I’ve called on Lisa Song Sutton to end her Congressional bid. She has yet to respond. In fact, she completely dodged the question when I challenged her about this issue during the Nye County Republican Central Committee debate a week ago.

Lisa’s pathetic excuse about being “too busy” to vote demonstrates how little the 19th Amendment of our Constitution matters to her. Ironically, this year marks 100 years since American women gained the right to vote! What a disservice it would be to our great state and our nation as a whole to send a phony, wannabe leader to Washington, DC to supposedly represent our interests. 

Look, let’s call this what it is: Lisa’s complete lack of civic engagement and subsequent deception around it is indicative of a larger trend that’s pervaded American politics for too long. 

What’s that trend? Well, simply put: it’s that of back room deals and two-timing politicians who cannot at all relate to the plight of their fellow Americans. 

Unfortunately, Nevada CD-04 has been disgraced by the representation of dubious characters more often than not. In the recent past, former Congressman Ruben Kihuen, a Democrat, did not seek re-election after credible allegations of sexual harassment. His successor, the incumbent Congressman Steven Horsford, is another Democrat who also covered up engaging in immoral and unethical behavior. Less than two weeks ago, I called on Congressman Steven Horsford to step down when he confirmed allegations of a longtime extramarital affair with a woman who was an intern for Democrat Senator Harry Reid. 

Again, the audacity. The deception. When will it end?

These politicians believe we’re too dumb to recognize what’s really going on; so, they’ll continue to hide, lie, cheat, and possibly even steal all the while from us as they smile and campaign to secure our votes in order to get their golden ticket to a seat in Congress. They look at public office as a career instead of what it should be: service for the public good. 

I ask you, my fellow Nevadans: how long will we allow ourselves to be embarrassed by the antics of dishonest and disingenuous politicians like those Democrats who were supposed to be representing us in Washington, DC? How long will we allow fellow Republicans, who say they’re with President Trump yet never before supported or voted for him, to pull the wool over our eyes? 

Take a look at some of my Republican primary opponents and you’ll see some of the same swampy, establishment politician behavior that’s led this current Congress to an approval rating that teetered around 17% last summer. Yes, you read correctly: only 17% of our fellow Americans thought Congress was doing a good job. 

Something has to give. Something must change. 

I made the decision to step into this race to represent NV-04 not just because I DO NOT see many – if any – other mothers of young children like me stepping up to do so, not just because I DO NOT have a wealthy family backing me, and NOT just because establishment Republicans in Washington would be listening to high-powered lobbyists in endorsing my competitors. 

No, it was not because I simply wanted to cast a light on all that’s missing in Washington that I decided to run. Yes, it’s true, people like us are missing from the halls of Congress: people who have young children that they’re currently having to homeschool while juggling jobs (or lack of a paycheck) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people who do not have more than a few thousand dollars to their name but dream of opening their own businesses one day, and people who do not have the phone numbers of big-money paid suits on on speed dial. No, we’re not like those folks. 

We are red-blooded, blue-collar Nevadans and we deserve better leaders.

Unfortunately, more than half of my Republican competitors are not like us. They fit into those boxes. They subscribe to identity politics (something I’ve always believed was a good thing for our party to NOT engage in), speak out of both sides of their mouth, think there’s nothing wrong with self-funding, and so much more. 

So, why am I even in this race you may ask?


I’m running for you. This race has always been about serving my family, your family, and our community as a whole. Not only do I believe we need representation in Washington, DC that speaks to our values, but I think that representation should know what our struggles are as well. Most of my opponents could not have a full conversation with you about their ideas and solutions to help Nevada get back on track; instead they’ll be happy to spout off to you the many safe, easy talking points provided to their campaign from the Republican National Committee.

We can and should reject these political puppets and tell them no more. 

Why? Because gone is the era of having to prove how pro-Second Amendment you are or having to tout endorsements from politicians who were elected in the 1970s. 

This is the era of change, and that’s exactly what President Donald J. Trump ushered in and has given us so far. Real change we can believe in.

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